Top 10 T-Shirts Over and Under $25

It’s quite apparent of my love for t-shirts, so much so that I even started my own t-shirt brand Royal Dynamite. We’re going on its four year anniversary this August. I spend a lot of time scouring the web and visiting local stores doing research for design ideas, fabrics, texture, durability (and all that stuff), so you as the consumer don’t have to worry about it. I’ve decided to chronicle the findings of my top 10 tees over and under $25. They may come from small underground brands and span to the big retailers.  My goal is to bring you ready to wear graphic t-shirts that will have you looking fresh and unique at all times. So here you go:

Top five graphic t-shirts under $25

High Rise Co.: Aztec Pocket Tank Black
Cost: $15.
What I like: A good look for the summer.

aztec black

Threadless: The Other Star
Cost: $15.
What I like: They are one the main inspirations as to why I co-founded Royal Dynamite. They are a major player in the retail space with success doing $30 million plus a year and the artists are just super creative.

shirt guys

Out of Print: A Tale of Two Cities Book Cover T-shirt
Cost: $16.
What I like: Charitable giving. For every t-shirt sold out of print, they donate a book to a child in need through a nonprofit partner.

tale of two cities

Feather Brand: Alligator Tank
Cost: $24.
What I like: A t-shirt brand out of Orange County California. You will definitely look unique in these for the summer.

alligator tank

Jackthreads: Rio Tank
Cost: $20.
What I like: Even if you can’t make it to Brazil for the world cup this summer, you can still represent from a distant with this hip graphic t-shirt.

rio tank

Top Five Graphic T-Shirts Over $25

Cotton Citizen: Heather Burnout Crew
Cost: $115.
What I like: This is a summer trend with the dyes and D Wade has been seen wearing their stuff around lately. Love the simplicity of their tees.

heather crew

Cupcake Mafia: CM Street and Sweet Tee
Cost: $39
What I like: This is pop culture at its best, and I love the way the ladies are branding themselves and have found a perfect niche of cupcakes all across the globe.

cupcake mafia

10 Deep: Wish Mandela Tee
Cost: $36.
What I like: Enough said, the man was a legend and it’s enough to convince you that you need this t-shirt in your life.

mandela tshirt

Hstry Clothing: Black History Tee: In honor of Black History month.
Cost: $45.
What I like: Hstry is a clothing line owned by the legendary rapper Nas.

black history

Zara: Tropical Print Tee
Cost: $29.90.
What I like: I just love their tees, they are comfy and good tees for the warmer weather.

tropical tee

If you are a t-shirt brand and would like to see your t-shirts featured, send me an email to with a link to the t-shirt you would like to feature and the price.

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