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Our Eureka Moment – Our Artisan Abroad Program

Royal Dynamite wins Eureka Ventures Competitions Series at Lehigh University. This was birth of our Artisan Abroad Program. Royal Dynamite Co-Founder, Nadia Sasso and former student of Lehigh University submitted a business proposal to EUREKA! Ventures Competition Series at Baker Institute For Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation at Lehigh University.  This series of student competitions seeks […]

The Artisan Abroad Program

What is the Artisan Abroad Program?  In a world where monetary incentive seems to supersede interest, we often find ourselves devoting our lives to profit rather than passion. Individuals from low-income households tend to be discouraged from creating because a career in art does not present them with the lucrative opportunities to lift them out […]

An Interview with Issa Rae

We recently released an article about our co-founder Nadia Sasso’s Indiegogo journey to raise money to support her ‘Am I’ masters thesis video documentary. Inspired by her family, friends and mother, Sasso—of Sierra Leone—was inspired to push the boundaries in conversations on educating people about ethnic and cultural identities. The main theme of the documentary […]