What Does Your Shirt Say About You?

Excited and Overwhelmed – The Beginning of an RD Journey

money on youFirst and foremost, I would like to say that EVERYTHING from Royal Dynamite is a must-have item. There is so much rich culture reflected in each piece and a large amount of dialogue that can stem from each one. Being new to the RD Family, it was very difficult for me to decide what to purchase first. This piece would start my own “RD Journey” and that meant a lot to me (especially after becoming an intern for social change). I found0 myself loving everything and had difficulty narrowing down my choice. My initial inspiration came from Nadia Sasso, media strategist and one of the co-founders of RD. She’s also a current classmate of mine at Lehigh University. Because of her, I was inspired to purchase the “I Got My MONEY On You!” navy blue crew neck for queens.

awkward teeUpon hearing Ralph Saye speak at Lehigh University, I immediately remembered him saying that each RD piece was meant to spark conversation and thought about conscious clothing. As I placed my order and reflected on what this sweatshirt would mean to me, I wanted to make sure that I bought something I could talk about and relate to. I always wanted something that would catch my classmates’ eyes and overall represent my unique personality. The sweatshirt has a very neutral base color with vibrant accents that I feel represent the many sides of my personality, reined in by my overarching driven and focused demeanor. As well, I would consider myself inquisitive and ever-watching, speaking to quote on the sweatshirt, initially reading “I Got My Eyes on You”. Finally, and perhaps the most appealing aspect of the sweatshirt would be the double entendre of the saying. Correctly reading “I Got My Money on You”, this sweatshirt marks my constant battle of learning to trust others and put confidence in them. Being a somewhat outward struggle for me, I wear this as encouragement to others (and myself)–each day I am working toward the ability to put my “money” or trust on you, and I am not afraid to wear that as a statement.

off the shoulder tI love that all of Royal Dynamite’s products have meaning for the creators, but can also create meaning in the lives of its consumers. I cannot go anywhere without being asked about my items and love having discussions about them. I look forward to buying even more!

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