Remembering Dr. MLK: Be the Change

“A right delayed is a right denied.”

We know what Martin Luther King Jr. did, and to an extent, the hopes that he had for future generations.  His importance to our generation is seen in the existence of blogs like Royal Dynamite.  This guy was all for us; those that don’t ever want to be told no.  As a generation that thrives on being heard, it’s our privilege and responsibility to make sure that we are maintaining his legacy.  If by some miracle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. re-joined our society tomorrow, what would he think?

His actions afforded us the ability to act on our dreams, but have we truly been dreaming big enough?

The answer to this question is a big, resounding, ‘kind-of’.  The advancement of American society in the past 40 years cannot be refuted.  We’ve come together after natural disasters and foreign attacks.  Technologically, we’re a beast.  Even with our debt being what it is (I just know it’s big…), we’re still the world’s powerhouse.  More transparency among organizations has forced a more honest approach to business and we’ve made powerful strides toward being a nation that truly celebrates its diversity.  We’ve even been dreaming big enough to elect a man named Barack Obama as our president.

It is within our circles that we need to make sure we are always contributing to progress. Every day we come across something that we would like to change or improve, but how often do we actually take action?  The answer is not enough, and we’re all guilty of it.  Keeping up with the headlines in our community and industries has become second nature, but too many times that’s where it ends.  Go to any college campus and ask a student “what don’t you like about your school”? Prepare for a list of complaints that could seemingly be addressed in a few office visits.  In our generation, it is too often that we confuse being aware with being involved.  We know what to do, but are too worried about feeling uncomfortable to actually do it. We must step up and be the change.


As we celebrate this holiday, we should learn from Dr. Martin Luther King.  He was all about action!  There is no doubt that many others had similar hopes and dreams for our nation, but he was one who stopped at nothing and took action, knowing how vexing it would be.  I’m not saying that we need to start a national movement, but let this be the year that we move away from knowing and work toward doing.  Do what you can, but make sure you’re really doing what you can.  There has never been a time in our history where it was more possible to have our voices heard.  As our collective voice gets louder, more people will be forced to listen.  People will try to discredit you, subvert your work.

 Continue creating. People will try to corrupt you.  Continue creating.  Our work is too precious and our mission is too important.  I think what Dr. King truly wanted was for us to never ever limit ourselves. To maintain his legacy, it is our duty to ensure that we don’t. Be the change.

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Tyler James Koenig
RD Contributor