Red, White and Blue, Through and Through

Every Fourth of July as I spend time with my friends and family sporting excessive amounts of red, white, and blue, I think about how it’s the perfect holiday. There’s no stress of buying the perfect gift or preparing a delectable meal. Instead it’s all about bringing friends and family together to celebrate the independence and progression of our nation.

Although the true intention of the holiday is to celebrate our freedom as one country, I also like to look at it as a time to celebrate the cohesiveness of many cultures within one nation. As a societal melting pot, we are able to take our distinct backgrounds and share them with one another. In a way, the Fourth of July can be seen as a celebration of our individual cultures that come together to create one unique, yet united, country.

The United States is one of the few countries that was founded off of different cultures emigrating to the same region. Because of this, each member of society brings their own beliefs and values. This is truly a remarkable event. Culture and heritage are two of the most important defining features that not only make a person unique, but our country diverse.

While I urge you to deck yourself out in our nation’s colors and celebrate the freedom of our country with your friends and family at the nearest cookout this Friday, I also challenge you to look at yourself and consider the unique features that you possess that help make this country such an exceptional place. Of course, this can be done at any of the classic Fourth of July celebration scenes, so in case you are looking for some more ideas on how to safely celebrate, here is a short list of some typical festivities:

  • Host a barbeque
  • Attend a fireworks show
  • Have a picnic
  • Make a bonfire
  • Throw a block party
  • Attend a parade

Whether you celebrate the Fourth of July with a few people or with many people, remember to embrace the individuality of everyone and enjoy the company of your fellow Americans. Also, what better way to continue your American pride than by checking out our new Color Couture line being release next Thursday, July 10th that features a stars and stripes piece! This Sierra-Leone inspired collection supports aspiring entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone, so it’s a two for one deal (and three-for-one when you count the RDCares program with each purchase)! Enjoy your weekend and celebrate safely!

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