#RDMusicFridays – Tinashe is Back

Hey Royals, This week’s #RDMusicFridays artist hails from the West Coast! She is tearing up the charts with her #1 single “2 On” featuring Schoolboy Q and remixed by Mr. Drizzy Drake himself. If you guessed Tinashe, you’re absolutely right! I fell in love with her music after hearing her single “Stargazed” on Season 1 of VH1′s Single Ladies. Tinashe is a triple threat. She can sing, dance and act. She could possibly be the female Breezy as far as talent is concerned. If you are unfamiliar with Tinashe’s gift for music, then you better get hip really quickly. Her debut album “Aquarius” will be released this September and she has already revealed collaborations with Future, Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky.

Recently, Dr. Pepper launched “One Of A Kind Studio Sessions” to pair producer David Andrew Sitek with four upcoming artists. Tinashe joined the producer on a new, fresh and sensual track called “Xylophone”. When you first hear the beat drop followed by Tinashe’s soft yet sensual vocals, it’s like a musical revelation. I wouldn’t be surprised if she added this track to her debut album as a bonus track.

Without further ado, here is Tinashe’s “Xylophone”.

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