#RDMusicFridays: Miguel Just Wants the “Simple Things”

Hey Royals,

So, I’ve been patiently waiting for my favorite artist to release some new music and what do you know…Miguel drops a bomb on me!

A couple weeks ago, Miguel released a new single: “Simple Things” that he recorded for HBO’s “Girls” soundtrack called Girls, Vol. 2: All Adventurous Women Do….

Since Miguel loves to incorporate rock, soul and R&B into his vocal arrangements, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how he would top his success of “Adorn” and “How Many Drinks”. Let me just be clear, Miguel does the damn thing on this song! He brings just as much sex appeal and sultry vocals as he did in his previous records to this new single “Simple Things”. He takes basic sentences such as the ones below and gives them fascinating meaning:

“I said I just want someone real, someone true
I said I just want someone to”

“Smoke with me baby
Lay with me baby
Laugh with me baby girl
I just want the simple things
I just want you, I just want you”

Seriously, Miguel never ceases to amaze me! His vocal arrangements and pure emotions on every word of this song is so mesmerizing.

Don’t believe me? Take a listen for yourself below, trust me he is freaking amazing!

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Happy Royal Listenings,