#RDMusicFridays – KING


A couple weekends ago, I tweeted that I was pleased to hear KING’s “Hey” on the radio, 102.3 KJLH to be exact. Since then, I have heard it almost everyday on my way home from my 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job.

I fell in love with their harmonic voices and dope beats a few years ago. At some point, on one of my procrastination breaks, I was browsing music on Soundcloud and found their EP entitled The Story. All three tracks were filled with their warm voices that actually told stories just as the EP’s title implies. You almost feel as if they’re talking to you as they sing, especially in their song “In The Meantime”. I often find myself mouthing their lyrics throughout my day. “All he really meant to say is, I love you.” Somehow I feel connected to it.

This trio consists of twin sisters Paris (who makes all the instrumentals) and Amber Strother and their musical sister Anita Bias on the vocals. Since the release of their EP that received a lot of attention including that of the legendary Prince, they have been working on their debut album set for release this summer.

This week, they dropped a video for their song “Mr. Chameleon”. Check it out below!

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