#RDMusicFridays – Joelle James

For today’s #RDMusicFridays edition, I wanted to spotlight an artist that I find to be particularly amazing! It’s easy to know and love the artists that you hear on the radio and see in the magazines, but there is an artist that I want to share with you now as she is on the brink of taking over the airwaves with her amazing voice and warm personality. This up-and-coming artist is Joelle James!

Discovered on YouTube by her breathtaking song covers, Joelle James caught the eye of Chris Brown and later signed with his imprint, CBE. She also joined Sevyn as a first lady of CBE, and with Sevyn’s success setting the tone, it’s only a matter of time before Joelle James becomes a huge household name.

It’s summertime, the weather is nice and love is in the air, and to top it off Joelle recently released the PERFECT summer love anthem, “Sweet Lemonade.” Written by Chris Brown, “Sweet Lemonade” describes the sweet taste of love on a summer afternoon with a slight chance of rain. “Sweet Lemonade” is one of the first songs Joelle ever recorded with Chris Brown, and after holding onto it for quite some time she decided to release it now in full support and dedication to Brown being free of his legal battles. With musical influences like Aretha Franklin, a pitch-perfect tone and out-of-this world range, Joelle James is set to show the world a new side to music with her heart dropping vocals and fresh sound.

Joelle James said, “I couldn’t let another summer go by without putting out Sweet Lemonade”, so check out this amazing summer hit now!

Also check out an exclusive interview I recently did with Joelle on her new single.

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