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Hey peeps! Two years ago, Royal Dynamite made the long-awaited announcement that it will launch it’s charitable One-For-One component — RDCares! My partner Cecil did a superb job of relaying the details to our global fan base via our annual State Of The Union Address in 2012. Shortly after the announcement was made, a good friend asked, “What is the main benefit of RDCares to the world?” I simply responded, “Create change bro!”. It sounded vague at the moment, but when I was done breaking down all the details, he was in shock and awe! Royal Dynamite decided to launch this initiative in order to make a difference, and not solely find good profits. We decided to give an educational package (consisting of a composition book, pencil, sharpener, ruler, and book-bag), instead of a t-shirt, for every purchase of a Royal-tee because that educational package would impact a young child’s life LONGER than any t- shirt ever could. That educational package could be the catalyst needed for a young child that dreams of being President of the United States. That educational package could keep a child off the street.

That educational package could become embedded in teaching curriculums worldwide and Royal Dynamite could lower illiteracy rates GLOBALLY. Growing up in Sierra Leone, Cecil saw kids’ lives waste away on the impoverished streets because of the lack of constructive educational materials to keep them busy. As a matter of fact, one of the greatest colleges in Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College, recently ran out paper and testing materials for students to take their final exams! I was dumbfounded when I heard the news. This situation gives merit as to why the illiteracy rate in Sierra Leone is at a staggering 60%! How long could this go on? It fueled us to hit up the RD Lab for countless hours to work on a strategy to end this cycle of nonsense.

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The first influential entrepreneur to utilize sustainable charity and live out a dream of using his product to create change is Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. He travelled to Argentina on vacation a few years ago, saw REAL poverty first-hand and decided to give back with his One-For-One shoe donating concept. I’d like to say our stories are very similar. I took a similar trip to Sierra Leone and life hasn’t been the same since. Kudos, Blake! Read more about TOMS story. —-> http://ow.ly/8N7fh 

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Then you have, 50 Cent. He embraced sustainable charity by sending our positive energy around the world and aiming to end hunger. Buying a bottle of his SK Energy Drink not only gets you more energized and focused for 6 hours, but it feeds a child for every bottle sold. He merged forces with the World Food Bank and is on a journey to end world hunger. Read more about his initiative —> http://ow.ly/8N5kl 

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50 Cent didn’t stop there. He just recently launched a new set of wireless headphones SMS Audio that when purchased, will send 250 meals to needy children worldwide!

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 Let’s help change the world! Support brands and causes that are actually creating CHANGE in a positive way. I will work as hard as need be to keep lacing you all in premium Royal Dynamite threads and aim to at least spark the mind that could end illiteracy. As the motto goes, #TheLifestyleContinues.