The Pop Up Shop

Hey Royals!

I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the summer months wherever you are. As socially conscious fashion enthusiasts, I thought I would give you some knowledge on ways both RD and small social initiatives are dispersing their products and ideas. Today’s lesson? The pop up shop.

What is a pop up shop? Fairly uncommon in urban areas, these retail locations are places where products of any kind can be sold. These shops are temporary and usually in place until the finite number of products are sold. Common examples are Halloween costume warehouses and even fireworks shops. Typically, pop up shops are held in empty offices or store spaces and seek to make use of the forgotten and abandoned areas. Nonetheless, they are slowly becoming more and more popular!

 RD pop up shop

The term “pop up shop” was created in the 2000’s but the concept has existed for some time. This practice has been a great way for small businesses and individual artisans to be seen, heard and enjoyed in different parts of the world. Companies like Vacant have been doing great work to activate shops internationally for all types of goods. Being a global and innovative brand, there is no better way for Royal Dynamite to get their word out there than a pop up of their own.

RD pop up shop front

Royal Dynamite’s pop up shops are not only an excellent way for the brand to reach new customers, but to engage local communities with the concept of “conscious fashion”. The most recent occurrence of this would be our pop up shop in the Arts District in Los Angeles on July 26th and 27th. It was a HUGE success! It featured many of the pieces from the Artisan Abroad “Color Couture” Collection by Mr. Selu from Sierra Leone as well as other hot RD items. Be sure to keep a lookout for upcoming events and pop up shops near you!

Thank you for the continued love and support and happy shopping!

For more information about pop up shops visit Zady, Freshly Serious and the Huffington Post.

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