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Pop-Up Shop: London Edition

Featuring Royal Dynamite, SimcheBello and Nina’s Cookery Corner

Hey London! Royal Dynamite is hosting a pop-up shop in collaboration with SimcheBello; an African inspired fashion and home-wares line and Nina’s Cookery Corner; serving one of the best African cuisine pop-up experiences on the Island (yes, if you’ve forgotten, England is an Island).

Here are some important details for this Royal Event:

When: June 23rd from 2-6pm

Where: St. Mark Church Garden. Baudwin Road, Catford, London, SE6 1RN

We are praying to the weather gods for great sunny weather and a beautiful day to bring out your friends, family and loved ones.  Come one, come all and enjoy the savory flavors of Sierra Leone/West African Cuisine and meet the Founder/Chef, shop the wonderful Kimono’s, necklaces, beddings and many more great items by SimcheBello all made in Sierra Leone by local artisans; and finally for the first time ever, Royal Dynamite is making it across the pond for it first official Pop-Up in London.

Here is something to keep in mind; if you would like to attend the pop-up it’s FREE. Just show up and SHOP. If you would like to EAT and SIP the delectable cooking of Nina’s Cookery Corner click the link and reserve your spot for just £11. CLICK HERE

On the Menu:

Option #1: Fried Rice served with fried red snapper with mixed peppers and onions, fried ripe plantain and side of salone salad

Option #2 Jollof Rice served with slow cooked beef roasted tomato stew, fried akara (banana fritters) Peppered Chicken and coleslaw

Drinks – Ginger beer and “Tombi” (Tamarind) will be sold at a £2

To Reserve your grub click HERE

Look forward to seeing you there!

About Royal Dynamite

Royal Dynamite’s collaborative, unique fashionable t-shirts and hats combine popular culture, community and social responsibility to create educational awareness. The main message is collaborative style for awareness; that involves partnerships with businesses, brands and artists to facilitate social change and self-expression through fashion.

About SimcheBello

SimcheBello designs is a small business that sells African inspired accessories and home wares that gives that rich and vibrant colours as Africans.

About Nina’s Cookery Corner

Nina’s Cookery Corner is a West African food-catering company that specializes in Sierra Leonean cuisine blended with continental influences. Food is much more than ingredients, it’s about, breaking social barriers and bringing people together in any social gathering. My goal is also to bring traditional African food to the mainstream food industry with five star Michelin restaurant presentations. Especially now that authentic African cuisine is gaining recognition in the hospitality and food industry. We cater for all types of events and aim to leave your taste buds amused.

RD London PopUp


RD Classics Collcetion

Royal Dynamite Classic Collection

This summer we decided to go back to the basic with our newest Royal Dynamite Classics Collection. Keeping it clean, simple, and vibrant while highlighting the Royal Dynamite Logo. It was important for us to take it back to where is all started. From a branding perspective we wanted imprint our logo and brand in […]

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Freetown En Blanc


Founder: Cecil, Nadia, Raphael

They always say third time’s a charm! Back by popular demand we are releasing the third and possibly the final installment of the Freetown Collection. This time around we are going for purity so we present to you The Freetown En Blanc Collection. As we have done in the past, “En Blanc” which is white-on-white is the focal point of the collection, however we also have available for purchase the last two collections, The Original and En Noir. Also available is a KIDS Collection.

The collection with be available for preorder for 2 weeks (2/22/12 – 3/6/12) To stay true to our roots of collaborative style for awareness; we have partnered with Project Pekin a non-profit Organization in Sierra Leone that seeks to help homeless and struggling children have a better life by providing education, health and safe homes. a portion of our sales will go to Project Pekin; to assist with innovation projects, scholarships and school supplies.

We look forward to your support and in the meantime check out the collection. (click here)

About Freetown

Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, was founded in 1792 as a colony for freed slaves by African-Americans, Africans and West Indians. Since the cities inception in 1792, a lot of historical events have taken place including its independence in 1961 and a ten year civil war.

Today, however, with a new era and powerful generation full of energy and innovation, Freetown has yielded a new identity pushing freedom in all aspects and taking the city to higher heights! This year Sierra Leone celebrates 55 years of independence and we decided to do something a little special with limited edition scoop tees with the number 55 printed on the back of the tees.

About Project Pekin


courtesy of: Project Pikin

Project Pikin is a non governmental, non profit, charity organization that seeks to cater to the needs of the growing number of street children and orphans in Sierra Leone. Our aim is to invest in these children by empowering them through healthcare, education, counselling and safe homes.

We believe that every Sierra Leonean child should feel protected and safe with access to basic needs. We aim to create a mindset within our communities that we are responsible for and owe a duty of care to every Sierra Leonean child and children should not be stigmatized or discriminated against based on tribe, class or gender.

Shop the collection HERE

The Freetown “En Noir” Collection

In 2014 we released The Freetown Collection to honor our heritage. It was a very limited collection, so  production quantities were very limited; not enough to go around for everyone that was interested. Today, we’re releasing the long awaited, limited edition, Freetown collection of graphic t-shirts and hats for pre-order available starting Feb 13 to […]

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Royal Dynamite wins Eureka Ventures Competitions Series at Lehigh University. This was birth of our Artisan Abroad Program. Royal Dynamite Co-Founder, Nadia Sasso and former student of Lehigh University submitted a business proposal to EUREKA! Ventures Competition Series at Baker Institute For Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation at Lehigh University.  This series of student competitions seeks […]