About Royal Dynamite


Royal Dynamite officially started in August of 2010, however the idea for a t-shirt line was planted much earlier in February 2010. Royal Dynamite fulfills a long standing desire to pursue a creative entrepreneurial venture, focused on community empowerment with a touch of fashion.


About 4 years ago, co-founder Cecil Williams Began collecting uniquely designed t-shirts from a few internet-based companies and as his collection grew, so did the desire to learn more about these companies.


Peaked by his interest, he decided to move forward with starting his own t-shirt line, centered on creating a platform through which community-based artists and designers could showcase their creativity and talents.

He approached his close friend and current business partner Raphael Saye, to join in the movement and be a part of what he believed to be a great venture.


Raphael’s unparalleled business acumen, great attitude, and background in marketing and sales made him a front-runner for the position. Countless sleepless nights and unending phone calls later, they officially launched the line, believing in the quality of their product. The first batch of tees sold out within a week.


The buzz resonated on Facebook and within in a week, the Royal Dynamite fan page grew from 40 to 500 fans. It was at that moment that they realized that there was much work to do in order to feed “the beast” and satisfy its craving. Essentially, they had their work cut out for them.

Giving back to the communities that provide the creative fuel for their work is a major part of the Royal Dynamite business model. Williams and Saye took the initiative and got involved in a project to feed the homeless communities in downtown Los Angeles. Looking ahead, they plan on reaching out to the under-privileged populations both in the US and Sierra Leone, in an effort to improve healthcare and education though the RDCares Program.


How did the name “Royal Dynamite” come about? It took them 3 days of non-stop brainstorming to come up with a name that was original. The word “Royal” implies a supreme being or a sovereign entity while the word “Dynamite” means powerful explosiveness. By combining these two words, they allow the fans and the communities to feel powerful and of royalty, whenever they wear one of their t-shirts.

Williams and Saye plan on creating an entrepreneurial community, constantly churning out fresh and creative designs, against the backdrop of the highest quality t-shirts.


It is their mission to strive to deliver the absolute best customer service, while keeping the line fun, exciting and intriguing. It’s up to you to help Royal Dynamite stay relevant.

“We are a Walking Art Exhibition inspired by you, designed by you and powered by us. We collaborate with other brands utilizing artists to raise awareness for education and other great causes!”—Williams & Saye