A Royal New Year: Reflecting on the Past Year and Looking Ahead to 2014

We hope you all are having a fantastic start to 2014. As a company, Royal Dynamite was fortunate to enjoy some success last year.  However, we also had a number of adversities to overcome; what most would call “growing pains”, but we’re happy to report that we were able to maintain the brand image favorably throughout the course of the year. We grew in some areas and declined in others that are critical to our company success moving forward.

entrepreneurs are royalSo first, the good news! We drove new sales, expanded our electronic footprint, gained new customers and social media followers and grew the Royal Dynamite team with a number of new interns, which was a great learning experience for them as well as for Ralph, Nadia and myself. Expanding the team allowed us to take on more managerial roles and relinquish some of our hands-on creative involvement. However, our rapid expansion forced us to ask ourselves some direct questions; the most pressing question being: are we ready to handle the task of fast growth?

To keep the RD brand alive and truly create the change we envisioned at its inception, we realize that we have to get back to the basics and be as hands-on as possible with our mission and vision. As we move into 2014, we want to reaffirm and accomplish the same goals we previously set: to change lives while being successful. In order to bring these goals to reality, it’s time to get back in the trenches just like the good ole days. In 2014, we plan on launching more new products and introducing new lines such as our kid’s line, due out this summer. We’ll continue to build partnerships with organizations aligned with ours and pledge to do social good as we support dire social needs facing our communities.

As we continue to develop new products and expand into new markets and retail outlets, we understand that the journey will only get tougher before success is realized. My hope is that 2014 brings us good health and strength to continue on this journey together. We started a one-for-one initiative that is dear to our heart and know that there are many more school children depending on us for educational packages and so we remain committed to success at all costs.

So let’s toast to a fighting chance in 2014. May the winding road open up into straighter, clearer paths… and even if it doesn’t, may we have the courage and resilience to persevere. Stay royal!

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